Creme de la (Organic, Locally Sourced) Creme: Best of the California Bike Tour, Part 3

Welcome back to the belated third edition of Sylva and Tyler’s bike-scapade down the Northern California Coast. Without further ado, join us in Gualala State Park, where none of us got any sleep. Our tent was situated a water bottle’s throw from the 15-minute drop off zone for the rest of the walk up sites, all conveniently located behind our tent.

Throughout Friday night, cars bopped in and out, slamming doors, shuffling camping gear up the well-worn path to the walk-in sites and exceeding the 15-minute drop off period. The spirited rustling of the world’s largest tarp at the site behind us defeated even my well-placed earplugs. Around midnight, a child started wailing in a site further down as more weekend warriors piled in. It was our first reminder that we were now within San Francisco’s reach.

Day 10:  Gualala State Park – Salt Point State Park

21 miles, 1200′ climbing

I became — as usual — completely engrossed watching the waves siege the rocks, feeling the salt spray even high up on the rocks. I totally meant to journal, but I spent an hour zoning out and/or trying to capture the rough seas on “film:”

Day 11: Salt Point State Park – Bodega Dunes State Park (in Bodega Bay, CA)

37 miles, 2840′ climbing

Day 12: Bodega Dunes State Park – Point Reyes National Seashore hostel

41 miles, 3175′ climbing

Day 13: Rest day at Point Reyes National Seashore

6 miles, to the beach and back

Evening found us in the kitchen again making dinner — but this time, it was far from just us. Maryanne, Brandi, Jamila and their three little girls sprawled out all over the kitchen; coloring books, Barbies and dress up clothes covered the remaining floor space. But we didn’t care: they were incredibly friendly and won us over easily with goat cheese, crackers, salad, brownies, pumpkin bread and most importantly, wine!

Day 14: Point Reyes National Seashore – Marin Headlands Hostel

42 miles, 3780′ climbing

Next up: the finale! Or you could call it the finally… cause we ACTUALLY get to San Fran. Sometimes I think this blog took longer than the actual trip…

Until next time!

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