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Writer. Blogger. Translator. Editor. Podcaster. Bike Tour Leader.

Sylva Florence has a journalism degree from James Madison University that she has put to good use over a decade of freelance editing and contributing. She has edited everything from emails to theses and has recently published articles for ATLAS OBSCURA, THE MATADOR NETWORK and ROVA MAGAZINE. She has also penned articles for BACK COUNTRY MAGAZINE, OSSIGENO and EXPERIENCEPLUS!. After moving to Italy in 2018, she also became an English as a second language teacher and translator (Italian-English).

Florence has also been a bike tour leader in Europe since 2009. In 2018, she cycled alone and unsupported across the USA. She is currently pitching the narrative non-fiction novel she wrote about the experience to agents and editors.

Florence also loves public speaking. She is currently working on her own podcast, Live From Suckville, and has been interviewed by the following podcasts and blogs:

Professional Writing Samples

The Matador Network
(San Francisco, California USA)
An informative, conversational piece about food taboos in Italy (and how not to break them). Read the full article here.

Atlas Obscura
An article with accompanying photos for travelers to Italy about the borgo (or tiny town) of Brisighella, Italy. Read about it here.

ROVA Magazine
An article about how to safely and joyfully travel alone as a single woman in the December 2021/January 2022 magazine.

Backcountry Magazine
(Jefferson, Vermont, USA)
An article about my experience being caught in an avalanche in the Colorado back country. I also submitted the photo.

Ossigeno 2
(Faenza, Italy)
A bi-lingual article (Italian and English) on the gentle exercise therapy of Feldenkrais.

(Faenza, Italy)
An light, informative article about cycling culture in Italy. You can read the full article here .