Romagna Mia: A Blissful Backyard Bike Tour

Remember when Sylva was thinking she could use a little routine in her life? Well that was last week. This week, Sylva’s off for a little, spur-of-the-moment bike adventure in her Italian backyard!

Presenting Roads Less Traveled

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Ladies Can’t What?

Born in San Francisco in May 26, 1877 (some sources say May 27, 1878), Isadora Duncan was a trailblazer of sorts. Her unique dancing style established “major emphasis on the … Continue reading Ladies Can’t What?

Coast to Coast Catch Up

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The Cycling Siren: Colorado to California

Outside, the surf pounds like an impatient chef on a cutting board. But with more finesse — sandpipers run in between each crashing wave, a breeze jostles the palms, nasturtiums … Continue reading The Cycling Siren: Colorado to California

(Almost) On the Road Again…

When I tell people I’m riding my bike across the country, responses usually drift (like loaded touring bikes in a crosswind) into two categories: WTF? Followed by: Are you going … Continue reading (Almost) On the Road Again…