Viva la Mexico 2016: Cenotes Galore

Six thousand cenotes dot the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico (thus spake our “Lonely Planet” — or as Tyler calls it “Lonely People” — guidebook). A modest number? No. But fun? Hell yes. Two days ago, outside Valladolid, we explored two cenotes, both underground: X’keken and Samula.

Looks like I'm tall enough to enter the cenote...
Looks like I’m tall enough to enter the cenote…



A little break to make sure the gun show is on target, and then back to cenote-ville…

Anyhow, on Tuesday night, Tyler, Pete and I dumped the azul Nissan in the resort parking lot and headed straightaway — via the quick, aggressive driving of public buses — to tiny Surfin’ Burrito (our favorite restaurant on the strip).12596999_10207145648912207_1709907995_o

Tucked away in the heart of Partyville (near the infamous, bass-infested Coco Bongo), we dined on mahi-mahi tacos and burritos and liter sized Pina Coladas. Later, we moved on to coconuts bigger than some European countries full of rum and gin. A quirky mix of bros, international youngsters, salty ex-pat types and short, stocky Yucatans (their Mayan genes intact) hung out on the tall, bright plastic stools. In the corner, another local fella proceeded to put away eleven Corona tall boys and then not be able to walk at all.

Ed and Judy livin’ the good life…

Yesterday, we arrived in the Zona Hotelera and the resort Tyler’s parents are chillin’ in. Although a stark contrast to the tiny, dirt streets of the Mayan countryside and the bright, modest streets of Valladolid, it’s good to be back :).

It’s fantastico to be here too because on vacation you have time — especially when you’re a server — to do things you don’t have time for in normal life. Like write blogs. And finally paint your chipped, cracked (but healing in this humid climate) fingernails and toenails…

Great success!

So yesterday (post Surfin’ Burrito), we were a bit hungover. Today — feeling much refreshed after nine hours of sleep — we walked the flat four miles from the resort to Ciudad Cancun for sedillas and groceries… but that’s next time. Stay tuned!


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