Viva la Mexico 2016: Sylva and Tyler (y Pedro) in Valladolid

Bienvenidos a Mexico… y Valladolid! Tyler and Sylva are on the road again; no bikes this time, just a little azul (blue) Nissan March with so much crap all over it, Pete, Tyler and I might be living in it. After flying into Cancun around 4 p.m. and successfully acquiring said March, we speed on the autopista quota (toll highway) to Valladolid to meet up with our friend Pete…

On the road again -- this time in Mexico, headed to Cancun. The road isn't straight enough, though...
On the road again — this time in Mexico, headed to Valladolid on the straightest road in these here parts…

Terms to know before dinner:

Habanero: A spicy pepper which comprised most if not all of the salsas Pete (Pedro) and I ate on an ongoing basis for the last two days. Tyler stayed away from this pepper as if his life depended on it.

Cochinita Pibil: A traditional slow-roasted pork dish — famous in the Yucatan, and served in tacos in Vallodolid yesterday evening.

Panuchos: Our personal favorite — a fried corn tortilla topped with refried beans, chopped cabbage, pulled chicken/turkey, pickled onions, avocado and pickled jalapenos.

Papadzules: Another famously Yucatan dish, involving corn tortillas, chunky tomato sauce and a pepito (pumkin seed) sauce, garnished with hard-boiled eggs.

Poc Chuc: Yet another infamous Yucatan dish, marinated in citrus and grilled. Poc Chuc is always served with its buddy, pickled onions.

Xtabentun: Add rum to anise and honey fermented from Xtabentun flowers to create this traditional Yucatan liquor attributed to the Mayans. Xtabentun — in case anyone is curious — is Mayan for “vines growing on a rock.” In Valladolid, I drank Xtabentun in cafe (coffee) with steamed milk and Kahlua. Then I went straight to bed.

In la manana, we had ourselves a nice little morning dinkin’ around Valladolid…

Morning in Valladolid, from the balcony.
Waking up with Valladolid out on the balcony…

In the next digital episode, Sylva, Tyler and Pete drive out of Valladolid to pop Pete’s cenote cherry (aka he’d never been in one… wtf??). Lo siento (sorry) for the tasteless pun, but if anyone is curious about flopping around in a freshwater cave in Mexico, tune in tomorrow…

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