Innsbruck On a (Bike) Shoe String

Morning split like a cracked gray soft-boiled egg (which we had for breakfast) revealing the bright blue underneath. Under this brilliant hue, the three of us took an exploratory bike ride under truly warm sun, past the bustling center, through the ‘burbs and out along the river. After lunch, late afternoon cappuccini and strudels in the last of the sun’s warmth on a busy corner (people watching never disappoints). We marveled at how classy European women (who, from the back, could be any age, pondered Dean) are… how do they pull off that certain je ne sais quoi?  At dusk, a beverage up with the birds and a view to match, followed by a simple but bountiful buffet in the hostel. All in all, a splendid Tirolean affair…

Now, after almost a week of dank, cold rainy Italian weather and a sky so low and heavy it seems someone’s sitting on it we fly south to Sicily. Sunshine and sandy beaches, cannoli,  olives, citrus fruits and cannoli (Sicilian pastries the size of newborn babies filled with ricotta and other delicious morsels) await us. And apparently potholes that could swallow us and our bikes whole and packs of crazy dogs that are apparently released after tourist season is over… “Carry plenty of rocks in your pockets,” said Lisa, our friend and a tour leader for ExperiencePlus. During tourist season, the police ensure (somehow) that the mongrels are locked up. October, fortunately, is not busy season…

Whether or not this trip goes to the dogs, I’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned and until then, arrivederci!

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