A new way to see the Sylva Lining in everything…

IMG_9312What does this guy have to do with anything? He’s got a ridiculous sense of style and he’s part of a new project/photo blog I have started called Haute Country Couture (HCC).

I aim to provide a snapshot of the people who live in and visit the High Country via my lens and a few short questions. Words aren’t really needed, as the pictures speak for themselves šŸ™‚ Since you are all already signed up for the Sylva Lining, I thought ya’ll might be interested in what else I’ve cooked up lately. Please sign up to follow and share with all your friends!

Visit HCC and experience the wonderful, wacky world of Summit County (and beyond):




2 Replies to “A new way to see the Sylva Lining in everything…”

  1. where can i find those pants? i want to buy them………….great project Sylva, looking forward to see more pics

    1. You could probably find a pair in Colorado pretty easily! Thanks for checking out the site, should be some new pics up in a few days šŸ™‚

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