Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’: Day Three

And Then, There Was Snow: When we rose and shone, there was snow up at elevations we were at the day before. Lucky for us, there would be no riding today!

Thursday, May 24: Bed in RV — Kitchen in RV — yard outside of RV — RV park boundary, 894 feet

Finger Lickin’ Good: Big props to Chef Judy again for another mouthwatering concoction: upside down pizza. Yum.

Okay — I lied. We don’t roll on today. Instead, we pause, dry out and recover. My eyelids felt as if they were Gorilla glued shut when I finally slipped slowly out of slumber. Tyler was already up.

We made breakfast — bacon, eggs, homemade toast. And coffee. Lots of coffee. I prefer to drink until I begin to twitch, as if I were a 14-year-old child with a very high metabolism and one finger in a light socket.

Speaking of electricity, the power ceased for a bit, since the RV park was under a bit of construction. But the river was raging just outside the back door, and there were RV walls to escape behind when Mr. Wind became — surprise, surprise — persistent. Our hamburgered butts were off our saddles, our feet propped up… it was bliss.

The daylight hours were whittled away gently: word games on mom’s Kindle, Bananagrams tournaments on the picnic table, journalling in the hot sun by the reeds at the river’s edge. Lunchtime, then a walk with the little schnauzers, some picture taking and then dinner, wine and bed.

Feeling relaxed? Us, too. Tomorrow, the adventure continues… hope you’re ready!

The Drier Side of Life: What gets wet, must get dry — this we learned the hard way.
Kickin’ it live: Me and Mama Judy, enjoying a little sunshine at the RV park south of Carbondale.
Home Sweet Home: Life is sweet whilst having a beer outside the parents’ RV, watching the sun slowly descend.

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  1. ….it’s as though we are there with you two, maybe it is your gardian angel. We love you! glad we could give you shelter from the elements! Mama Judy and Papa Ed

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