Photo du Jour: I’ve Got Butterflies

When: May 8, 2012
Where: Meadow Creek trail outside Frisco, CO
On a long stroll up Meadow Creek, I literally almost stumbled on this little blue butterfly. I really wish someone would have come by while I slowly inched closer to it on my belly in the dirt in the middle of the trail.

4 Replies to “Photo du Jour: I’ve Got Butterflies”

  1. Well I’ve been reading ur blog for several months now, hibernating passively. But, I really liked this one. Love you Spliva, keep on writing….and speaking your mind. Aunt Spam

    1. Hey Spam!! I am so happy you have been reading — in hibernation or not 🙂 Thanks so much for spending the time to absorb my rants. I miss you and love you and Gregorious!!

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