Zen and the Art of Chaos

The cello is my favorite instrument. I adore it just as much as the piano, which I desire to play on a regular basis. I still remember the sad little … Continue reading Zen and the Art of Chaos

Syl-vacation: Sofia, Bulgaria

On July 21, the word of the day was late. I kicked it off, sprinting back to the castle for a phone charger; but it didn’t matter because my 1837 … Continue reading Syl-vacation: Sofia, Bulgaria

Saying Uncle

A friend of mine sent me a Jimmy Buffett song (“Changes in Attitudes, Changes in Latitudes”) and told me to listen to it at least six times and then tell … Continue reading Saying Uncle

A Taste of Chaos: The Last Bite

By Sunday afternoon, it was apparent who was winning: Chicken wings – 1, Hawt Boiz and Saucy Girls – O. Multiple orders of chicken wings inevitably jammed up the fryer … Continue reading A Taste of Chaos: The Last Bite

Fondue-ing It

Fifteen days later and we up at Der Fondue Chessel have stuffed thousands of pie holes with cheese (“would you folks like our traditional blend of Emmental and Gruy√®re, or … Continue reading Fondue-ing It

Back on the Horn

And then there were none. Again, boredom and sweet solitude settled around us like the snow we’ve been lacking all season. The grocery store: a place of zen and miracles, … Continue reading Back on the Horn