One of the busiest highways in Italy is emptier than a toilet paper shelf in America. What’s the (quarantined) world coming to?!

Zen and the Art of Chaos

The cello is my favorite instrument. I adore it just as much as the piano, which I desire to play on a regular basis. I still remember the sad little … Continue reading Zen and the Art of Chaos

La Dolce Vita

Sometimes I feel like my life is like a conversation between myself and Tom Petty. Me: Man, I’ve got the travel itch. Tom: Time to move on, time to get … Continue reading La Dolce Vita

On the Ride of My Life

You know what they say about what we once did, forgot about and then picked up again later like a salsiccia (sausage) e patate al forno (roasted potato) pizza to … Continue reading On the Ride of My Life