Aqueous Transmissions

Time to trade Lisa’s mountain bike for… Lisa! And when she’s back from tour, it always means one thing: So first, the girls shared aperitivo with their buddy¬†Loic on the … Continue reading Aqueous Transmissions

Where Are All The Vowels? Hrvatska, Part One

Three children dressed like unicorns just pranced by the window of the coffee shop here in Breckenridge, Colorado, chattering excitedly about a birthday party. It’s strange, after a month on … Continue reading Where Are All The Vowels? Hrvatska, Part One

Roll Out

To arrive in Bologna by train (45 minutes from Faenza, ¬†our home for now) was a piece of cake. To get off the train in Bologna was like cramming a … Continue reading Roll Out

Nero is the New Black

“Something smells like fireworks,” said Tiffany as we cruised up the valley towards Dovadola (doh-vah-doh-la, Dave). “Reminds me of a celebration.” Not out of the question, since Independence Day in … Continue reading Nero is the New Black