100 Days… And Counting

To be exact, it’s been 104 days — and we’re not talking about the anniversary of a certain tangerine-tinged President. No; it’s been 104 days since January 9th, when Tyler … Continue reading 100 Days… And Counting

Saying Uncle

A friend of mine sent me a Jimmy Buffett song (“Changes in Attitudes, Changes in Latitudes”) and told me to listen to it at least six times and then tell … Continue reading Saying Uncle

#whydomylegsstillhurt: Another Bike Riding Story

I realize — as most of us eventually do — I have limits. I can arise happily at 8:04; meanwhile, 7:04 will mean a series of small defeats timed in … Continue reading #whydomylegsstillhurt: Another Bike Riding Story

Places to Go With People Who Ski

During the dog days of this winter, I contracted a seemingly irreversible condition: severe acute Summititis. Some claim it stems from too much time in a stressful work environment, coupled … Continue reading Places to Go With People Who Ski

Leggo of Your Ego

No, this is not the first time I’ve taken on this particular subject — and it indubitably won’t be the last. Why? Because Summit County — like an old, stubborn … Continue reading Leggo of Your Ego

The Seasoned Truth

Ahhh, the change of the seasons: the weather warmed up slightly quicker than a crusty Summit County local’s attitude towards everyone else, mud season came and went and I stopped … Continue reading The Seasoned Truth

Gone With the Wind

Outside, the wind is whipping across our weather worn balcony like the tail of a pissed off dragon. Our plastic lawn chairs are sliding back and forth as if on … Continue reading Gone With the Wind

Hut, Hut, Hike… Hike: Part One

Note: Please click on the title of this post and visit livefromsuckville.wordpress.com to see pics and videos… otherwise, you’ll miss out on some real tasty stuff. Over the past three … Continue reading Hut, Hut, Hike… Hike: Part One