100 Days… And Counting

To be exact, it’s been 104 days — and we’re not talking about the anniversary of a certain tangerine-tinged President. No; it’s been 104 days since January 9th, when Tyler … Continue reading 100 Days… And Counting


Day One: On a morning with a sky as blue as Eeyore’s outlook, Kate, Tyler and Sylva departed Kate’s quaint cabin on the Frying Pan road near Basalt for Marble, Colorado … Continue reading Marble-lous

Places to Go With People Who Ski

During the dog days of this winter, I contracted a seemingly irreversible condition: severe acute Summititis. Some claim it stems from too much time in a stressful work environment, coupled … Continue reading Places to Go With People Who Ski

The School of Nature

It’s all fun and games until somebody pokes an eye out. Or until someone is in an avalanche… but I’m putting the ski before the horse. In the midst of … Continue reading The School of Nature

Back to White

If the people train comes in the mornin’ (“Planes, Trains and Automobiles,” anyone?), then the Florence-Kirkpatrick train leaves even later. A short work week of amazingly long shifts precluded departure … Continue reading Back to White

Trippin’ Version 3.5: From the Caribbean to El Caribe

Hay una problema — sorry, there is a problem. I am on vacation again and I haven’t even written about my last vacation! What do I do? Aye ai ai… … Continue reading Trippin’ Version 3.5: From the Caribbean to El Caribe

Gone With the Wind

Outside, the wind is whipping across our weather worn balcony like the tail of a pissed off dragon. Our plastic lawn chairs are sliding back and forth as if on … Continue reading Gone With the Wind

Fondue-ing It

Fifteen days later and we up at Der Fondue Chessel have stuffed thousands of pie holes with cheese (“would you folks like our traditional blend of Emmental and Gruyère, or … Continue reading Fondue-ing It