100 Days… And Counting

To be exact, it’s been 104 days — and we’re not talking about the anniversary of a certain tangerine-tinged President. No; it’s been 104 days since January 9th, when Tyler … Continue reading 100 Days… And Counting

Finding the Real Sylva Lining

Remember that time I was suddenly not married anymore… 🙂

From Sylva to Platinum: The Cake Diaries

Yesterday at the Silverthorne Pavilion, we watched some people make out under a flowery arch. We witnessed three men in matching gray suits and one girl in a very expensive … Continue reading From Sylva to Platinum: The Cake Diaries

The Seasoned Truth

Ahhh, the change of the seasons: the weather warmed up slightly quicker than a crusty Summit County local’s attitude towards everyone else, mud season came and went and I stopped … Continue reading The Seasoned Truth