Places to Go With People Who Ski

During the dog days of this winter, I contracted a seemingly irreversible condition: severe acute Summititis. Some claim it stems from too much time in a stressful work environment, coupled … Continue reading Places to Go With People Who Ski

The Seasoned Truth

Ahhh, the change of the seasons: the weather warmed up slightly quicker than a crusty Summit County local’s attitude towards everyone else, mud season came and went and I stopped … Continue reading The Seasoned Truth

Gone With the Wind

Outside, the wind is whipping across our weather worn balcony like the tail of a pissed off dragon. Our plastic lawn chairs are sliding back and forth as if on … Continue reading Gone With the Wind

Fondue-ing It

Fifteen days later and we up at Der Fondue Chessel have stuffed thousands of pie holes with cheese (“would you folks like our traditional blend of Emmental and Gruy√®re, or … Continue reading Fondue-ing It

Baby, It’s (Way Too Flippin’) Cold Outside

At 6:36 Thursday morning, I awoke for no good reason except I felt semi-determined to skin up to the top of Keystone. I say semi-determined because sometimes (okay, most of … Continue reading Baby, It’s (Way Too Flippin’) Cold Outside

Switching Gears: Winter, Schminter

On January 23, it was 66 degrees in Loveland, Co. Here, it was more like 40 degrees — which, to us heat-starved Summit-ians after the here-comes-the-next-ice-age temperatures a couple of … Continue reading Switching Gears: Winter, Schminter

Switching Gears: Tread Whitely

Today, I went to the post office. I stood outside under the roof of the building, out-of-the-way but near the front door. The wind howled in my ear about blizzards … Continue reading Switching Gears: Tread Whitely