Cycling Through: A Coronavirus Story

The unforgettable tale of a solo bike ride during the Coronavirus outbreak in northern Italy.

Star Light, Star Bright…

Nearly two weeks ago already, I returned from (another) bike tour with my two-wheeled companion, Penny. Bike tours always consist largely of planning, eating and pedaling. And pedaling is always … Continue reading Star Light, Star Bright…

Coast to Coast Catch Up

Outside the window, a cactus acts as sentinel. I’m in Phoenix, Arizona where the desert reigns supreme, alongside eternal summer. Just in the last week or so, I’m told, it … Continue reading Coast to Coast Catch Up

The Cycling Siren: Colorado to California

Outside, the surf pounds like an impatient chef on a cutting board. But with more finesse — sandpipers run in between each crashing wave, a breeze jostles the palms, nasturtiums … Continue reading The Cycling Siren: Colorado to California