Me, Myself and My Tent

Ladies, start your engines! The world is opening up again and there’s no better time than now to get out and do what you want to do. Safely. Joyfully. Boldly.

A Florence in the Forest (And It’s Been A Long Time Coming)

It’s me, the woods, a tent, a storm and as always, an adventure and great connections with strangers. Feeling grateful today to have had this experience in 2020!

Star Light, Star Bright…

Nearly two weeks ago already, I returned from (another) bike tour with my two-wheeled companion, Penny. Bike tours always consist largely of planning, eating and pedaling. And pedaling is always … Continue reading Star Light, Star Bright…

Coast to Coast Catch Up

Outside the window, a cactus acts as sentinel. I’m in Phoenix, Arizona where the desert reigns supreme, alongside eternal summer. Just in the last week or so, I’m told, it … Continue reading Coast to Coast Catch Up

(Almost) On the Road Again…

When I tell people I’m riding my bike across the country, responses usually drift (like loaded touring bikes in a crosswind) into two categories: WTF? Followed by: Are you going … Continue reading (Almost) On the Road Again…

As Easy As DEF: Dobbiaco, Esercizio, Fruili

Back in the US, one of the first things I usually notice is the freaking roads are huge. It’s one symptom of reverse culture shock, to be sure and surreal … Continue reading As Easy As DEF: Dobbiaco, Esercizio, Fruili

As Easy As ABC: Alpi, Bici, Campeggi

Regretfully, I just finished Tom Robbins’ time-warping opus, Jitterbug Perfume. I never, ever wanted it to end but it’s kind of book-shaped lesson. Why? My time in Italy also nears … Continue reading As Easy As ABC: Alpi, Bici, Campeggi

Water You Up To?

Now don’t get all peanut butter and jelly (jealous?) on me but it’s turning out I am on perma-cation. This time of year in my “adult” life I’d typically be … Continue reading Water You Up To?