Thirsty Dreams of Hungry Country

In the desert of southwestern Utah, spring was arriving. Warm air, solitude and a backpacking trip in the middle of nowhere. Compared to our couches, doesn’t that sound wonderful? Read on my friends and be transported…

A Florence in the Forest (And It’s Been A Long Time Coming)

It’s me, the woods, a tent, a storm and as always, an adventure and great connections with strangers. Feeling grateful today to have had this experience in 2020!

A Cactus for Your Thoughts

In spring, during those fleeting moments when the sun is nearly down, I often see Venus, hanging low and bright over the mountains. The mountains are a stark silhouette against … Continue reading A Cactus for Your Thoughts

Over the River and Through the Woods… Again

I recently told a friend of mine it’s been hard attempting to stick to the high road lately. Apparently, all I really needed to do was hop the pond, land … Continue reading Over the River and Through the Woods… Again