The Blackboard (Post Here After Registering)

If you’re on this page, I hope it means you’re part of the community! We’re so happy you made it!

How can I cheer you up?

Now that you’ve followed The Sylva Lining’s blog and Instagram:

  1. Please tell me below what I can create to cheer you up, transport or inspire you (mini list below, full list on Rules Page).

2. Please include your first name or nickname of your choice (Yep, here’s your chance to be Super Hunk or Ooey Gooey Monster Babe).

To jog your memory… I can write you a song, draw you a picture, do a (non-scary/non-evil) Tarot reading, do some energy work on your unbalanced bod, write you a love letter or poem, create you a How to List and/or a rite… really what is it that I CAN’T do? I could even cry like a baby (yep, really), if for some reason that would do it.

Thanks and make sure to check back frequently!

Lots of love,


“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes around in another form.”


Contact Me

Facebook: Sylva Florence
Twitter @thesylvalining1
Insta: #the.sylva.lining

5 Replies to “The Blackboard (Post Here After Registering)”

  1. Hey,

    I know we spoke of this elsewhere but I thought I should put it here as well.

    How about a Tarot card/ I Ching mash-up expressed with the results express in creative dance? Just a general kind of question like, “What’s up with that Martin character? I mean, really.”

    Not in a dancing mood? Feel free to express yourself in any medium you choose.

    Love, peace, health, and happiness!

    1. Hey friend! Absolutely, we did talk about it in another channel but thanks for putting it here as well. I’ll get to work on it this weekend 😉 Thanks for this awesome challenge and for following the blog! Happy weekend, sending you love and a big hug 🙂

    1. Hello there! Thanks for checking out my blog. I am not sure what you mean by connect? Do you want to collaborate?

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